How Much Nuclear is Enough?

Rauli wrote a blog post for 4th generation, doing the math on how much nuclear we need by 2050 to keep some reigns on climate change.

Here is a snippet:

By 2050, we need ten times more nuclear capacity than we have now. And that is just a good start, a bare minimum. Sounds ridiculous? Preposterous? Here is the math.

Every time I go into an energy and climate seminar and ask the panelists and experts: ”How can we achieve ten times our current nuclear capacity by 2050 to halt climate change in time?”, I am met with much shaking of heads and rolling of eyes. “Not possible” and “Why would we need that?” are the answers. Even the nuclear industry is talking about perhaps tripling the current capacity by 2050.

What these people are then saying, actually, is that:

1. We will fail to have a meaningful climate mitigation effort, and
2. We are not even able to think about what having a meaningful climate effort means.

Read the rest from the link here.

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