Clean Nuclear District Heating Seminar

The Clean Nuclear District Heating Seminar was held on 29th March 2019 by the Ecomodernist Society of Finland in collaboration with Sitra, Helen, FinNuclear, Fortum, TVO, Fennovoima and Think Atom.

The purpose of the seminar was to bring together people from different sectors and showcase the current state of progress in Small Modular Reactors. The goal was to recognize the need for a clean source of heating and the several possible pathways to obtain it. The audience consisted among others of politicians, regulators, researchers, decision-makers from energy companies and media personnel.

The seminar was filmed and published online for free. Please see the YouTube playlist below for all of the presentations and panel discussions! Most of the presentations are also available for downloading at the very end of this page.

News coverage:

Presentation PDFs: